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Outdoor Worship Information - 9:30am

Outdoor Worship - 9:30am

  • Outdoor Worship Information - 9:30am
    Who can come?
    • Worshippers – We ask, for love of neighbor, if you are not feeling well or have been medically recommended to not attend, please participate through the 96.3 FM transmitted service or at home via Live Stream on YouTube, Facebook, or the church website. We encourage our older attenders and those at-risk to use their discretion and to exercise caution.
    I want to attend, but I’m not sure that I’ll be safe.
    • We aren’t 100% either. Having an on-site, in-person Outdoor Worship service seeks to balance togetherness with safety. As we plan, our goal is to take all precautions possible. 
    • We are removing worship elements where worshippers may touch (handshakes, greeting time, etc.) and shared items (offering plates, supplied Bibles, bulletins, etc.).  
    Where should I park?
    • A site map of First Cutlerville is on this webpage with parking areas designated.
    • Parking for lawn chair seating is in the North parking lot - use Estate Dr to enter via back entrance.
    • Parking for worshiping in vehicles is in the South/Main parking lot - use the 68th St entrance. 
    • Parking attendants, dressed in yellow shirts, will be available to assist and answer your questions.
    What if it rains?
    • In the event of inclement weather, outdoor services will transition to on-line. See the inclement weather page for additional information. Notifications will be sent out via social media, as well as posted on WZZM13 and WoodTV8 websites. Decisions to cancel physical gathering will be made by 8:30 am on Sunday mornings.
    • Masks are encouraged for ‘traveling’ to and from vehicles to seating areas and for bathroom use. Masks will be available for those who would like one. 
    • We are brothers and sisters who have different positions and will lovingly make room for one another. Please be aware that your actions and practices impact others. 
    • We are unable to host children’s ministry classes, so plan for your entire family to sit together during the service. We encourage families to bring along a “church bag” for your younger ones to keep them engaged during the service. 
    What about offerings, bulletins, bathrooms, song lyrics, and other details? 
    • We hope Outdoor Worship is a great experience for us as a church and as a community. We have learned a lot. We ask for your continued patience and grace as we work through things with trial and error. 
    • We will continue with our current methods in receiving offerings: mail in to church, online giving, and collection at Outdoor Worship.  The handicap-accessible bathroom is available for use, entering the building one at a time. Song lyrics are posted on the church website's Live Stream page to read from your device or pick up a copy at the Information Table.
    What should I bring?
    • Lawn chairs (seating area is on parking lot), a Bible, a water bottle, a source of shade (hat, small umbrella, etc), song lyrics, kids “church bag”
    Pray God will receive all the glory through our worship!

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