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Inclement Weather

  • Inclement Weather
    We believe Outdoor Worship allows us to gather as holistically as possible, with the fewest causes for health concerns, so we will continue to worship in this way unless significant changes occur to guidelines.
    While Indoor Worship has fewer options for participation, we are planning how to safely use the indoor space as a secondary option during inclement weather. If inclement weather prohibits Outdoor Worship, this will be posted on WOODTV8, WZZM13, and Facebook and transition to the following three options for engaging in Sunday worship service:
    • from home via Live Stream on Facebook, YouTube, or the church website;
    • from one’s car via a FM transmission for participants who desire to remain in their cars yet worship beside others in their cars;
    • and from the Worship Center with physical spacing limiting the amount of seating.
    A few additional notes to facilitate good use of the Worship Center while entering through the main entrance:
    • masks will be worn for entry into the facility and movement to and from the Worship Center;
    • please use the hand sanitizing station;
    • we ask that fellowship happen outside.
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