Worship at First Cutlerville Christian Reformed Church

The word worship is related to the words worth and worthy. In worship we acknowledge that the Triune God is worthy of our reverence, praise, devotion, and dependence, because he is our Creator, our Redeemer, and our Sustainer. The Reformed tradition of the Christian faith views all of life as worship; but it also emphasizes the crucial importance of public, corporate worship of God.

At First Cutlerville, our worship is…

Reformed. We are a church with roots in the Reformation of the sixteenth century. Reformed worship today incorporates many styles, but it is always intentionally God-centered. Our worship takes the form of a dialogue between God and his people; thus for example God calls us to worship, and we respond in praise. Reformed worship encourages reverence and awe in the presence of God along with the full range of human emotions: joyful celebration of God’s salvation, lament in the face of loss, and hope and encouragement within the fellowship with God’s people.

Ecumenical. Our worship also reflects our confession of one holy catholic (universal) church. Thus we seek to enrich our worship with practices and music from different Christian traditions around the world. We observe the Church Year, the liturgical calendar used by most Christians, and we make use of the corresponding colors of the Church Year; together these represent worship that is both Reformed and catholic (that is, universal or ecumenical, not to be confused with Roman Catholic).

Blended. The style of Reformed worship varies significantly from one congregation to the next. Our worship is an intentional blend of the best of traditional hymns and contemporary songs and music. This approach is also referred to as Convergence Worship or Ancient-Future Worship.