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Summer GOkids Volunteer Registration

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Summer GOkids Volunteer Registration

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  • Crew Leader
    Adults and High School students going into grades 9-12. The Crew Leader will lead a small group (a Crew) of kids. We plan to have 1-2 Crew Leaders and 2 Assistant Crew Leaders per group. You will receive lesson plans one week prior to the event. Everything is planned for you, all supplies will be ready for you, and lessons are easy to follow. Please look over them when you receive them and let Erin know if you have any questions prior to the event.
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  • Assistant Crew Leader
    Adults or students going into grades 6-12. The Assistant Crew Leader serves as a secondary Crew Leader. They help manage supplies, get the Crew from station to station, and help with experiences for their Crew. A good Assistant Crew Leader is attentive and always looking for ways to help without being asked.
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  • Event Support Crew
    Adults and High School students going into grades 9-12. The Event Support Crew helps with check in and check out, manages supplies and snack time, and helps when there is a need.
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  • Pre-Event Crew
    The Pre-Event Crew is a small group who will meet earlier in the week before each event to prepare crafts and supplies.
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